The Yale-Tulane-Sacred Heart ESF-8 Planning and Response Network


The mission of the Network is to reduce the consequences of disasters and other public health emergencies by improving incident-specific ESF-8 planning and operations and response  skills at the local, state, federal, and international levels


The vision is an expanding cadre of trained and experienced ESF-8 medical and public health planners and responders that will improve emergency operational capabilities and better integrate the tiers of private sector and the US government response to domestic and international public health emergencies.

Our Focus
Why has this competency-based training program has chosen ESF-8 as its focus? First, it encompasses the 17 functional content areas comprising the health and medical response to disasters. Second, the term ESF-8 places the critical health and medical functions in the context of a large-scale event that includes other social, economic, and civil aspects.  

Strategic Objectives  
  • Respond to the needs for public health and emergency management professionals to serve as competent ESF–8 planners and response coordinators. Develop a novel model for health and medical planning education and training that engages universities, public, private, military and other organizations. 
  • Standardize, develop and deliver training curricula based on methods proven to enhance the effectiveness of unified ESF–8 planning and response with partners at local, state, tribal, federal, and international levels.
  • Maintain a highly competent and dynamic faculty/staff, drawing from the scientific and practice community that trains students participating in the program and also mentors organizations by coordinating or assisting in multi-jurisdictional planning, exercises and emergency response.  
  • Provide experienced personnel that can coordinate or assist in unified ESF-8 planning and can augment ESF–8 response elements at the local, tribal, state, national and international levels when requested.

  • Use the Virtual Medical Operation Center (VMOC) to educate students and provide real-time information products to federal, state, local, and international response organizations                               
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