Nuclear Attack

According to the Department of Homeland Defense, a nuclear attack is the use of a device that produces a nuclear explosion. A nuclear explosion is caused by an uncontrolled chain reaction splits atomic nuclei  (fision) to produce an intense wave of heat, light, air pressure, and radiation, followed by the production and release of radioactive particles. Well ground glass, is radioactive particles are drawn up into a mushroom cloud of dust and debris producing all of that can expose people at great distances to radiation.

In the past, traditional Cold War concerns were focused on the possible use of military nuclear weapons. A nuclear terrorist attack might be carried out with an improvised nuclear device, which is accrued nuclear device built from components of the stolen weapon scratch using nuclear material such as plutonium or highly enriched uranium.

The impact of such an attack would be dependent upon the size of the nuclear explosion, the area impacted, the secondary hazards such as fires, debris from damaged buildings the release of hazardous materials, and in the electromagnetic pulse, and the persistence of radioactivity levels.
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